Horus, the falcon god and his legendary battles in Egypt

Horus is one of the most important gods in Egyptian mythology. He is depicted as a falcon god because of his ability to fly high in the sky and see everything that is happening below. But what makes Horus so fascinating are the legendary battles he fought to protect Egypt.

Horus, falcon god of war

In Egyptian mythology, Horus is considered the god of war. He is the son of Osiris and Isis, and his main role was to protect his father from his evil uncle Set. He led many legendary battles, notably against Set.

One of Horus' most famous battles was against his uncle Set. Horus was Osiris' favorite son, which provoked the jealousy of Seth. Seth eventually killed Osiris, and Horus decided to avenge his father's death. A fierce battle ensued between the two gods. Horus had the ability to transform himself into a huge and powerful hawk-god, which enabled him to defeat Set. After Set's death, Horus became the protector of Egypt and the pharaoh.

Horus and his enemies

In Egyptian mythology, Horus had many enemies, including Set and Apophis. Apophis was an evil deity who represented chaos and evil. Horus had to fight Apophis every night so that the sun could rise in the morning. This symbolic battle was crucial for the Egyptians, as it represented the victory of light over darkness.

Reliefs depicting Horus' victories

Horus' victories in legendary battles were depicted in Egyptian reliefs. These reliefs were generally engraved on the walls of pharaohs' temples and tombs. They depicted Horus in his hawk-god form, often holding a scepter or arrow in his hands. The most famous reliefs depict the battle between Horus and Set.

Battle reliefs have also been found in other ancient cultures and religions. For example, the Greeks also created bas-reliefs to commemorate their military victories. For the ancient Egyptians, these reliefs were a way of celebrating their history and perpetuating the memory of their gods.


Horus is one of the most fascinating gods of Egyptian mythology, and because of his legendary battles. His battle with Set is probably the most famous, but his daily struggle with Apophis is also important. Egyptian reliefs depicting Horus' victories are fascinating testimonies to the history of ancient Egypt. Studying legendary battles is one way of understanding how Egyptian mythology was closely linked to the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians. Exploring Egyptian mythology, we can also discover other Egyptian gods associated with battles, such as Anubis and Sekhmet. Egyptian mythology has many interesting facets to explore.