Thoth, the god of wisdom and writing: His role as divine scribe and his knowledge

In the pantheon of Egyptian gods, few are as revered as Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing and learning. His emblematic presence has echoed down the ages and continues to inspire our modern fascination with ancient Egypt. Let's plunge together into the mythical world of this divine scribe and discover his invaluable role in the flowering of human and divine knowledge.

Thoth's origins

Birth legends and divine affiliations

Thoth rises as an enigmatic figure within Egyptian mythology. According to some birth legends, he was born from the lips of Ra, the solar god , or even considered self-created. Associated with the moon, he completes Ra's solar cycle, bringing balance and harmony to the cosmos.

Iconography and attributes

Egyptian iconography recognizes Thoth through his representations with an Ibis or sometimes baboon head, creatures linked to intelligence and to the moon. He is often seen holding a papyrus as well as the palette and stylus, symbols emblematic of his mastery of writing and knowledge.

Thoth, Master of Wisdom

Thoth's skills as a god of wisdom

As the Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth embodied intelligence and intellectual arbitration. He was said to possess infinite knowledge of the sciences, magic and medicine, making him the undisputed ally of gods and men alike in their quest for understanding.

Relationship between Thoth and esoteric knowledge

Thoth was intimately linked with esoteric knowledge, that which concerns the mysteries of existence and divine magic. He was the guardian and dispenser of this secret wisdom, accessible only through initiation and revelation.

Thoth as mediator between men and gods

In his role as divine mediator, Thoth bridged the gap between the earthly realm and the divine. He translated the will of the gods to men and mediated in celestial conflicts, bringing his fair judgment.

Thoth and the invention of writing

Hieroglyphic writing attributed to Thoth

Thoth is credited with the invention of hieroglyphic writing, the sacred art of recording deeds, thoughts and prayers. This gift to mankind laid the foundations of Egyptian history and cultural heritage .

Thoth's role in transmitting knowledge through the written word

Thoth played a decisive role in preserving and transmitting knowledge. Papyri, often associated with him, were witnesses to ancient knowledge, ritual discourses and legendary epics prized throughout eternity.

Thoth's papyri and the books of wisdom

The books of wisdom are another of Thoth's legacies to civilization. These texts contained the quintessence of Egyptian knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, medicine and ancient philosophy, and are seen as extensions of the papyrus of Thoth himself.

Thoth the divine scribe

Thoth's functions as scribe of the gods

As divine scribe, Thoth holds the crucial role of recording the events of the universe. Every divine word, every heroic deed was scrupulously recorded under his watchful pen.

Thoth in funerary ritual and the judgment of the dead

One of Thoth's most sacred functions was his involvement in the Egyptian funerary ritual and the judgment of the dead. He recorded the verdict when the heart of the deceased was weighed against the feather of Maat, symbol of truth and justice.

Prayers and invocations addressed to Thoth

The faithful prayed to Thoth for wisdom, eloquence and guidance. The invocations to Thoth protected and inspired, promising clairvoyance and ingenuity to initiates seeking to penetrate the paths of knowledge.

Thoth's posterity in culture and religion

Cult of Thoth and main centers of devotion

The cult of Thoth was particularly flourishing in Hermopolis, where followers paid him homage. Grand temples in his name still bear witness to the fervent devotion he inspired.

Thoth's influence in philosophy and the occult sciences

Thoth's legacy permeates ancient philosophy and the occult sciences, where he is often cited as the ultimate symbol of eternal wisdom and mysticism, influencing age-old practices and beliefs.

Representations of Thoth in modern art and culture

Thoth continues to inspire modern art and culture, where he emerges either as a wise counselor or as a guardian of ancestral secrets. His image and attributes remain a rich source for contemporary creators and enthusiasts .


Thoth's role as divine scribe and repository of wisdom is indelibly woven into the fabric of Egyptian history, and his influence endures through time. The god who transmitted writing and wisdom to mankind continues to inspire our perpetual quest for knowledge, underlining the unchanging importance of communication and intellect in our collective development . Thoth remains, forever, the divine mediator between the knowledge of the ancient and the curiosity of the modern world.