Antigone, Oedipus' daughter: Her courage and her conflict with human laws

Antigone is a central figure in Greek mythology, the eponymous heroine of Sophocles' tragedy. Daughter of the enigmatic Oedipus, her story is marked by unshakeable courage and indomitable conflict with human laws. This conflict raises eternal questions about morality, individual autonomy and civil resistance, which continue to resonate through the ages.


Antigone's tragic genealogy

The curse on the house of Oedipus is the common thread running through Antigone's tragic destiny . Oedipus, king of Thebes cursed for killing his father and unknowingly marrying his mother, gives birth to a lineage marked by disaster. Antigone navigates this dark family landscape with a strength that defies fate itself.

Antigone, a portrait of courage

Antigone's courage manifests itself in her willingness to defy the laws of Thebes in the name of divine justice. She resolutely opposes Creon, her uncle and ruler of Thebes, demonstrating exemplary autonomy.

  • Her refusal to obey Creon
  • Her burial of Polynices, her brother, contrary to Creon's edict
  • Her heroic death, choosing family loyalty and the laws of the gods

Antigone's confrontation with human laws

The heart of the dramatic narrative lies in Antigone's opposition to the authority represented by Creon. The debate between divine justice and the law of men is central to the action, highlighting 's criticism of the authoritarianism and rigidity of the laws in Thebes.

Antigone's philosophical and literary legacy

Antigone is a constant source of inspiration in ethical and moral reflection, as well as in modern literature and theater.

  • Her story has influenced important philosophical debates.
  • She is a key figure in many modern works.
  • She plays a central role in contemporary discussions on ethics and justice.


Antigone's legacy transcends the boundaries of time and continues to influence our perception of courage, individual autonomy, and the conflict between human and divine laws. Her story remains relevant today, as we wrestle with the same moral and ethical dilemmas in our modern society.


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  • Works by philosophers and ethicists addressing the issues raised by Antigone
  • Contemporary and critical analyses of the tragedy and its impact on modern laws and society