Helga, the brave and protective valkyrie: Her role in selecting warriors worthy of Valhalla

The valkyries, emblematic figures of Norse mythology, are celestial creatures known for their role as messengers of the gods and seducers of warriors destined for Valhalla. Among them, Helga stands out for her courage and protective nature. Let's delve into the fascinating world of this valkyrie to understand her special place in Scandinavian folklore.


Helga: The Valkyrie in Norse Mythology

Origin and meaning of the name "Helga"

Helga, whose name means "holy" or "sacred" in Old Norse, is often perceived as a symbol of purity and honor in Scandinavian tradition.

Powers and attributes associated with Helga

Gifted with supernatural strength and bewitching beauty, Helga watches over the fate of warriors with insignificant prudence, choosing those who deserve eternal glory.

Comparison with other famous valkyries

Although she shares common attributes with her valkyrie sisters such as Brunehilde and Sigrún, Helga stands out for her remarkable closeness to mortals, guiding them with tenderness and determination.

Courage and Protection: Helga's characteristic traits

Anecdotes and myths illustrating her courage

The sagas are full of edifying tales highlighting Helga's courage, such as the story of her crossing the flames of battle to save a hero destined for immortality.

Protecting warriors and Helga's role

As protector, Helga not only selects warriors; she also defends them against dark forces, embodying the archetypal celestial guardian.

Helga's influence on warrior morale

Her presence on the battlefield inspires bravery and valour, driving Nordic warriors to surpass their limits in pursuit of a glorious death .

Selecting warriors for Valhalla

Valkyrie selection criteria

The valkyrie scrutinizes the heart and soul of her warriors, prioritizing courage, honor and unfailing bravery in her choice for the ascent to Valhalla.

Helga's vision of valor and virtue in battle

For Helga, virtue lies in the act of nobility and the quest for an ideal greater than oneself, qualities she tirelessly seeks in candidates for the Nordic afterlife.

Stories of battles where Helga chose warriors

The Viking sagas describe Helga's divine interventions at the heart of confrontations, opting for warriors whose actions resonate with the spirit of eternal legends.

Helga's role in the Nordic Beyond

Valhalla: description and significance

More than just a hall of the dead, Valhalla is Odin's eternal palace , where the souls of the valiant find rest and preparation for Ragnarök, the end of the mythical world.

Helga's daily duties at Valhalla

In these divine abodes, Helga serves fallen heroes, ensuring that their stay in this immortal glory is worthy of their past exploits.

Between mediation and divine messaging, Helga converses with gods such as Odin and Freyja, orchestrating with them the eternal cycle of life and death in their world.

Representation of Helga in Modern Culture

Helga in literature and poetry

From the High Middle Ages to the present day, Helga has inspired poets and writers, erecting her image as a symbol of feminine benevolence and power sacred.

The incarnation of Helga in modern media (films, series, games


Helga is materialized with great grandeur in modern works, offering a renewed and majestic vision of the valkyrie through the ages.

The influence of Helga's figure on contemporary perceptions of


Helga shapes our understanding of valkyries, not only as warriors but also as passionate beings, determined to protect the very essence of heroism.


Through this immersion in the life and legend of Helga, we perceive a valkyrie who transcends her mythical role to become a figure of courage and protection. Her imprint on Norse mythology is indelible, just as her legacy in modern culture continues to fascinate and inspire.


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