Sigyn: Loki's faithful wife in Norse mythology

Sigyn is a little-known character in Norse mythology, yet she plays an important role in the story of Loki's capture. In this article, we'll look at the historical context of this legend, the story of Loki's captivity, the character of Sigyn, her personality and place in Norse mythology, her representation in popular culture, and finally, her importance to the Norse gods and beyond.

Sigyn in Norse mythology

The story of Loki's capture

In Norse mythology, Loki, the god of cunning and deception, is captured by the gods after causing numerous problems and being responsible for the death of the god Balder. The gods then throw Loki into an underground cave and tie his entrails to a rock in order to torture him.

Sigyn's role in Loki's captivity

Sigyn is Loki's wife and is determined to stay by his side even in his captivity. She places herself beneath her husband's entrails to collect the venom that falls from the mouth of a snake tied above Loki. She holds a bowl so that the venom doesn't touch him, which relieves Loki of the pain. However, as soon as the bowl is full, she has to empty it, at which point the venom reaches Loki's body and causes him pain.

Her actions and motivations

Sigyn shows extraordinary devotion to her husband. She endures the pain of seeing Loki suffer to spare him further suffering. This story shows Sigyn to be a loyal, loving and devoted character, a theme important in Norse mythology.

Sigyn's character

Her personality and values

Sigyn is considered a strong, determined female character. She is an example of marital devotion, unconditional love and compassion in Norse mythology. She shows her courage by staying by Loki's side despite the suffering she endures.

Her importance to the Norse gods

Sigyn is often considered a secondary character in Norse mythology, but her role in Loki's captivity is crucial in the overall story. She is important to the Norse gods because she represents loyalty, devotion and strength of character.

Other references to Sigyn in Norse mythology

Apart from her involvement in the story of Loki's captivity, Sigyn is briefly mentioned in other Norse legends, but her role is less significant.

Film and literary adaptations

Sigyn has been taken up by several writers and screenwriters. In the films inspired by Norse mythology, her role has often been altered to reveal a stronger heroine.

Modern interpretations of Sigyn

In popular culture, Sigyn is often seen as a faithful wife who endures suffering, but also as a strong female figure, capable of facing any difficult situation.

The character of Sigyn inspires women in popular culture because she represents a strong, independent woman who knows how to take care of her husband in difficult times. She is therefore an example of courage, strength and loyalty.


In Norse mythology, Sigyn is an important figure of sacrifice, loyalty and compassion. She represents the mental strength of women as well as being an emblematic figure of Norse mythology. Her presence in popular culture will inspire people for generations to come . Sigyn is an example of unconditional love and is an important character in the story of Loki's captivity, showing that every character, no matter how small, has its own importance in the legends that have shaped our history.