Viking warriors and their role in Viking expeditions and conquests

The Vikings are renowned for their maritime expeditions and conquests, which marked an important period in European history and beyond. Among them, the Varegans, fearsome and often misunderstood warriors, played a crucial role. In this article, we explore the history of the Varegues, their Viking expeditions and their role in Viking society.

Viking warriors who originated in eastern Europe, mainly in Scandinavia and the Rus' of Kiev. Their title "Viking" is derived from the Old Norse "víkingr", meaning "pirate". Varègues were often regarded as mercenaries in search of wealth and land.

Varègues were renowned for their strength, bravery and fighting spirit on the battlefield. They were also famous for their tenacity and loyalty to their lords.

Viking expeditions

Varegues embarked on expeditions and maritime conquests in Eastern and Western Europe, as well as Central Asia. They plundered and conquered cities, founding new settlements in their places. The main Vareg raid routes were the Dnieper River (Rus' of Kiev), the Volga (Rus' of the Land of Trade), the river route to Constantinople (Vareg - Greek movements) and the Atlantic coast of France and Spain.

The reasons for their expeditions were varied. The search for fertile land for agriculture, the need to expand their territory or to find new trade routes were among the main objectives.

Varegues in the Viking army

Varegues were often integrated into the Viking army and played an important role in the military hierarchy. They were often employed as personal guards of Viking lords, deployed on the front lines of battle or to lead raids. In the Viking army, varègues were considered elite warriors.

Varègues used a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, spears and bows. They also introduced the two-handed axe to the Viking arsenal. The preferred battle tactic of the varègues was the swift and decisive strike.

Varègues in Viking society

Apart from their role in the army, varègues had an important place in Viking society. They were often involved in trade and many held political office. Their links with other warriors were very strong, and their reputation earned them many admirers.

Varegues also played a key role in the Viking economy, buying and selling goods, participating in trade and establishing trade routes across Eastern Europe and Central Asia .

Viking women

Although less well known than their male counterparts, women also played an important role in Viking expeditions. While the majority of Viking women were homemakers, there were a few exceptions. There is evidence that some Vareg women accompanied their husbands on expeditions. There were also cases of Vareg women leading their own raids or conducting negotiations as ambassadors.


Vareg women were an important part of Viking history and played a crucial role in Viking expeditions and conquests. Their reputation as powerful warriors and their remarkable exploits inspired the imagination for centuries. Even today, their legacy lives on in European and Russian history.