Eros, the God of Love and Desire: His Role in Relationships and His Representation

In the tumultuous veins of Greek mythology flows the very essence of love and desire, personified by the god Eros. Revered throughout the ages, this enigmatic figure transcends the simple concept of attraction to become a major force in art, literature and even contemporary psychology. This article takes us on a captivating journey, exploring the timeless influence of Eros on love relationships and how he has been portrayed throughout the ages.


Eros in Greek Mythology

Origins and birth of Eros

Let's delve into the cradle of the gods, where Eros appears as a primordial entity, or as the son of the gods Aphrodite and Ares. His birth is the subject of much debate, but his role as god of love is indisputable.

Eros in ancient literature

  • Hesiod and the Theogony Hesiod describes Eros as a primordial god, emerging from Chaos.
  • Homer and the epics** Although less present, Eros is nevertheless recognized by Homer as a powerful force capable of turning the hearts of gods and mortals upside down.

Relationships and interactions with other deities

Eros forges links with a number of deities, influencing their relationships and personal adventures, sometimes mischievously or tumultuously.

Famous myths involving Eros

Tales such as Eros's love for Psyche underline the complexity and depth of Eros's power over mortals and immortals alike.

Symbolism and Evolution of Eros

Eros, representative of love and desire

As the embodiment of love and desire, Eros symbolizes the intense and sometimes chaotic bond between two souls.

Transformation of Eros from Ancient Greece to Roman Cupid

From Greek Eros to Roman Cupid, let's discover how this divinity evolved while retaining its fundamental essence.

Differences and similarities with Cupid

Let's explore the nuances between these two incarnations of the god of love, from the weapon of desire to their innate symbolism.

Eros in art and culture through the centuries

A visual journey through representations of Eros, from ancient art to modern aesthetic canons.

Eros and Relationships

The role of Eros in love and passion

Examines the power of Eros, often unpredictable and irresistible, in igniting passion between beings.

Notions of desire, beauty and attraction

Eros challenges us on the inseparable link between physical love, aesthetics and emotional attraction.

Erotic love vs. platonic love

Confront the sensual, carnal conception of Eros with the platonic vision of idealized, spiritual love.

The influence of the myth of Eros on contemporary relationships

Let's see how the myth of Eros still resonates in modern love relationships.

Representations of Eros in Modern Culture

Eros in modern literature

From classic novels to modern literature, Eros continues to weave stories of love and desire.

Eros and his role in film and television

The Eros archetype is revealed in many guises in cinema and television series, influencing generations of lovers of the big and small screen.

Artistic interpretations of Eros in contemporary art

An exploration of the modern metamorphoses of Eros in the art world.

Eros in modern psychology - The perspective of Freud and other


The psychoanalysis of love and the legacy of Eros according to Freud and other influential thinkers.

Social and Cultural Impact of Eros

Celebrations and traditions inspired by Eros/Cupidon (e.g. Valentine's Day)

Celebrations of love such as Valentine's Day perpetuate the spirit of Eros throughout time.

The language of love and references to Eros

An examination of the vocabulary of love rooted in the myth of Eros and its evocative power.

Implications of the myth of Eros in social norms and expectations

Reflections on how the figure of Eros has shaped our contemporary conceptions of love and partnership.


Synthesis on the role and representation of Eros in relationships


Let's recapitulate the essence of Eros in the contemporary lover and his persistent role as master of hearts and desires.

Eros and his continuing importance in the collective imagination

Contemplating the omnipresence of Eros, a living myth that continues to inspire and stir our hearts.

Future perspectives on the understanding and representation of Eros

Visualizing future incarnations of Eros and how he will continue to fascinate and govern amoral passions.