Neith, Egyptian goddess of weapons and protection

Egyptian mythology is replete with deities venerated for their power and protective role. Among them is Neith, a warrior and huntress goddess whose function is also to protect fighters and hunters. In this article, we explore the different facets of Neith, focusing on her association with weapons and protection.

Neith, goddess of war

Neith is best known for her role as goddess of war. In Egyptian texts, she is often described as a skilled archer, mastering the bow and arrow with deadly precision. She is also associated with the spear, one of the most powerful symbols of war in Ancient Egypt.

Sacred texts also evoke Neith's destructive power. She is sometimes called "she who decapitates", in reference to her formidable strength when armed with her spear. Myths also evoke her presence on the battlefield, accompanying soldiers and helping them to triumph over their enemies.

Neith, goddess of the hunt

But Neith is also associated with the world of the hunt. She is known for her mastery of the bow, which enables her to capture her prey with remarkable ease . In sacred texts, she is often depicted with a net, symbolizing her domination over wild animals.

Stories also mention her close relationship with hunters, whom she protects and guides on their quests. She is considered the patron saint of hunters, who pay homage to her by offering sacrifices in her honor .

The protection afforded by Neith

But Neith is also a protective goddess. The ancient Egyptians considered that she watched over warriors and hunters, providing them with divine protection during their expeditions. In sacred texts, she is often described as the guardian of weapons and war equipment, ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

In Egyptian myths, Neith is also associated with the protection of children. She is often depicted with a knot-shaped symbol, symbolizing maternity and filial protection.

Manifestations of Neith in art and culture

The importance of Neith in the daily lives of ancient Egyptians is also visible in the art and culture of the period. Numerous representations of the goddess have been found in temples and tombs, testifying to the veneration in which she was held.

In these works of art, Neith is often depicted in warrior attire, armed with her bow or spear. She may also be depicted with a net or knot, symbols of her mastery of hunting and protection.


Neith is a complex goddess, associated with war, hunting and protection. Her power and protective role make her one of the most important deities in Egyptian mythology. Her association with weapons and protection also make her a fascinating figure, bearing witness to warrior values and the quest for protection in Egyptian culture.