Poseidon, god of the seas: His powers and myths

The waves crash and recede at the command of a single entity in Greek mythology: Poseidon. As god of the seas, his influence extends far beyond the shore, permeating ancient Greek culture and religion.


Poseidon, elder brother of Zeus, reigns over the vast blue expanses that surround the lands of ancient Greece. One of the most revered Olympian divinities , his trident is not only a symbol of his power, but also a key element in the pantheon of ancient myths.

Poseidon's origins

Birth and family

Poseidon's parents

Born of the Titans Cronos and Rhea, Poseidon escaped a tragic beginning thanks to his mother's ingenuity.

Brothers and sisters: Zeus, Hades and others

His brothers include Zeus, king of the gods, and Hades, ruler of the underworld, illustrating the division of power between the skies, the seas and the depths.

Ascendancy to the throne of the seas

Sharing the world with Zeus and Hades

After overthrowing their father, the divine trio share the universe, with Poseidon claiming the seas and oceans.

Poseidon's control over the oceans

His kingdom embraces all waters, giving him absolute authority over this domain.

Poseidon's powers

Mastery of the waters

  • Creating storms and calming the waves
  • Earthquakes and tsunamis

Sea creatures

  • The horse, sacred creature of Poseidon
  • Relationship with creatures such as mermaids and sea monsters

Other attributions of power

  • Power over horses and chariots
  • Influences on freshwater sources and earthquakes

## Myths linked to Poseidon

Rivalries and alliances

  • Competitions with other gods
  • Alliances with Olympian gods

Adventures and conquests

  • Loves and offspring of Poseidon
  • Role in epics such as the Odyssey such as the Odyssey

Worship and representations

  • Worship of Poseidon in ancient Greece
  • Symbols and temples dedicated to Poseidon

Poseidon in modern culture

Artistic and literary representations

  • Poseidon in ancient and contemporary ancient and contemporary art
  • Appearances in modern literature and film

Heritage and cultural influence

  • The persistence of the Poseidon myth in popular culture
  • Poseidon's influence on art, literature and culture


By delving into the depths of mythical oceans, we explore the extent of Poseidon's influence on ancient Greece and how his legacy continues to make waves in our modern culture. Whether we think of raging storms or the serene beauty of horses galloping along the shores, Poseidon remains a powerful symbol of the natural force and of mythical inspiration.

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