The Gées: singular mythological figures in Greek culture

The Grées are interesting figures from Greek mythology. They are characterized by their physical singularity: they possess only one eye, which they share in turn. This captivating peculiarity places them at the center of many Greek myths. In this article, we explore the mythical origins of the Gées, their role in Greek mythology and the singular and symbolic aspect of their unique physique.

According to the various Greek myths, the Gées had several origins. One version tells us that the Gées are the daughters of Phorcys and Ceto, marine deities. In other versions, they are the daughters of Gaia and her son Uranus. Some myths also present the Greeks as the daughters of Perseus, the mythological hero famous for killing the Gorgon Medusa.

The Greeks are also linked to other important mythological figures in the Greek universe. According to some myths, they are the aunts of Medusa, the Gorgon. In other myths, they are the sisters of the Gorgons and the Hesperides.

The role of the Greeks in Greek mythology

The Greeks play a special role in Greek mythology, as they are the guardians of divine secrets. They are the guardians of the frontiers, and in this sense, they have an important role to play with the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

They have also had a significant impact on important mythological events . For example, they helped Perseus when he sought to defeat the Gorgon Medusa. They also offered their services to the gods and goddesses of Olympus for advice. Finally, their knowledge of fate and prophecy has made them important figures in future events.

The singular appearance of the Grées

The most striking aspect of the Grées is of course their unique physical appearance: they possess only one eye. This physical singularity has an important symbolic significance in Greek mythology. Indeed, the single eye represents the sum total of all the Greeks' knowledge. They see all that is past, present and future, and their knowledge has a major impact on the decision-making of the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

In addition, Gées are often described as ominous figures, as their physical appearance is associated with notions of fear and mystery. Their personalities can also be seen as enigmatic as their role in Greek mythology is mysterious.


The Greys are very interesting mythological figures in Greek culture. Their unique physical appearance, their role in mythology and their strong symbolic importance have made them famous in popular culture. They can be found in many modern books, films and works of art . The Greeks continue to captivate the imagination down the centuries and have an important place in the Greek mythological universe.